Calendar applet, showing images

The Alison Ermitage Calendar

Thanks to the people of the garage I use to go to give me the idea of this applet.
Please, miss Armitage don't attack my provider for these photos. If you want I choose another person, just tell me.

Look, this applet can update an entry field in a form, just click on a date of the calendar
You click on

This example of calendar has three different photos, but the applet accepts up to 12 image ( one by month ).

HTML code

Don't forget to add the keyword MAYSCRIPT if you want the applet to update your field.

    name=ccalendar MAYSCRIPT
    id = "cal" >
<param name="lst_img" value="alison02.gif;alison03.gif;alison04.gif">
<param name="color_fond" value="FFCCCC">
<param name="color_case" value="FFC0C0">
<param name="color_Comment" value="FFAAAA">
<param name="color_empty" value="FF9090">
<param name="field" value="DateField">
<param name="form" value="DateForm">
<param name="event_file" value="./example.evt">