Calendar applet, date object

This applet can be use as a date object. The result is under anglo-saxon format mm/dd/yyyy. This is an example of a form with a date field that you can update with the caldendar object. Click in the calendar and you will see the date you choose in the entry field. The date format chosen is "m.d.y" ( default format is "d/m/y" ).

What does this example show ?

  • Updating a field from the calendar
  • Choosing the date format


Your name :
Your next birthday :

HTML applet code

Don't forget to add the keyword MAYSCRIPT if you want the applet to update your field.

    name=ccalendar MAYSCRIPT
	id = "cal">
<param name="color_fond" value="CCCCFF">
<param name="color_case" value="C0C0FF">
<param name="color_Comment" value="AAAAFF">
<param name="color_empty" value="9090FF">
<param name="field" value="DateField">
<param name="form" value="DateForm">
<param name="format" value="m.d.y">
<param name="event_file" value="./example.evt">