CCalendar, planning management

What does this example show ?

  • Multilangage support ( Here, the french ).
  • Change the first day of the week. Here Monday ( Lundi in French ).
  • Change the color the days. In this example, an hotel shows the free days for congress organisation.
  • For more information about the usage, look at the end of the page.
  • Associate events to days. October 14 th is a simple example. For an example with URL associated, look at the 21th of each month, the game day.


Planning of congress reservations


Click in a case to reserve your day
Reservation date :


Don't forget to add the keyword MAYSCRIPT if you want the applet to update your field.

    name=ccalendar MAYSCRIPT
	id = "cal">
<param name="fdw" value="1">
<param name="color_fond" value="AAAAAA">
<param name="color_full" value = "FF0000">
<param name="color_case" value="AAFFAA">
<param name="color_Comment" value="C0C0C0">
<param name="color_empty" value=" AAAADD">
<param name="field" value="DateField">
<param name="form" value="DateForm">
<param name="day1" value="Dimanche">
<param name="day2" value="Lundi">
<param name="day3" value="Mardi">
<param name="day4" value="Mercredi">
<param name="day5" value="Jeudi">
<param name="day6" value="Vendredi">
<param name="day7" value="Samedi">
<param name="month1" value="Janvier">
<param name="month2" value="Février">
<param name="month3" value="Mars">
<param name="month4" value="Avril">
<param name="month5" value="Mai">
<param name="month6" value="Juin">
<param name="month7" value="Juillet">
<param name="month8" value="Aout">
<param name="month9" value="Septembre">
<param name="month10" value="Octobre">
<param name="month11" value="Novembre">
<param name="month12" value="Décembre">
<param name="etarget" value="_new">
<param name="event_file" value="./example.evt">
<param name="sched_file" value="./schedule.txt">

Explanation on the free/used days

For each year, the applet looks for a file called 'year'.txt in the current directory ( for example 1999.txt or 2000.txt ). This file text contains lines. Each line equals a month. Each line is done with 0 and 1. 0 for a free day. 1 for an used day. If the line is empty, all the month is empty. If the file does not exist, all the year is considered as free. For the example the file for years 1999.txt and 2000.txt ( they are the same ) are like this :

The event file

For each year, the applet looks for a file called 'year'.evt in the current directory ( for example 1999.evt or 2000.evt ). This file text contains lines. Each line equals a event. Each information of a ligne is separated by blanks or tabulations.
A line contains :
  • - An integer for 1 to 12 for the month.
  • - An integer for 1 to 12 for the day.
  • - A string for the event label.
  • - A string for the vent URL.
Our example use this file :
06 21 "Music day, and a lot of thing easy to listen, 50% on all the articles"
07 4 "US independance day"
10 14  "My birthday"
01 21 "Game day" ""
02 21 "Game day" ""
03 21 "Game day" ""
04 21 "Game day" ""
05 21 "Game day" ""
06 21 "Game day" ""
07 21 "Game day" ""
08 21 "Game day" ""
09 21 "Game day" ""
10 21 "Game day" ""
11 21 "Game day" ""
12 21 "Game day" ""